Allergy testing is a way to get a positive diagnosis for atopy (inhalant dermatitis) and to a lesser extent for contact allergies. Scratching, licking the feet, chewing, and red irritated skin are all symptoms of atopy in the dog. Atopy is the name given to allergies that result from breathing in pollen, dust, or mold. Other than flea bite allergies, atopy is by far, the most common cause of allergies in dogs. When an allergy to a specific substance can be identified, the dog can receive immunotherapy (hyposensitization injections).

Sartin Animal Care Clinic offers a treatment called allergen specific immunotherapy inside their clinic. This is a treatment program where your pet is injected with small doses of the allergen they are having issues with and it is given over time in larger doses to keep the allergen from affecting the pet everyday. This is not a cure but rather an ongoing treatment program. Approximately 75% of animals who undergo immunotherapy show a response to treatment.

If you are interested in immunotherapy options for your pet please call Sartin Animal Care Clinic 501-362-2800 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.