Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is my pet’s procedure?

At any veterinary clinic, each procedure will vary, ranging on the age of the pet and the procedure itself. Dr. Sartin recommends pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any surgical event to minimize the risks of surgery. Call Sartin Animal Care Clinic if your pet is facing a surgical procedure to ask our caring veterinarian of the risks involved of the particular procedure.

How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

On average, each year for a dog or cat is the equivalent of seven years for a human being. At Sartin Animal Care Clinic, Dr. Sartin recommends yearly exams prior to the age of seven, and more frequently thereafter. Please call Sartin Animal Care Clinic to set up your pets’ examination protocol.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Just like people, pets require frequent dental care. Without regular brushing and polishing, your pet can face tooth decay and organ damage to their liver, kidneys and heart. Schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Ryan Sartin at our clinic for your pet.

How important is nutrition for my pet?

Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of the health of any dog or cat. Dr. Ryan Sartin has many years of experience in prescribing the proper diet and proportions for pets, and he will bring this same compassion and experience to your pet. Have Dr. Sartin determine the proper food and amount for your pet by scheduling and appointment with Sartin Animal Care Clinic today.

How long should I wait if I notice a change in behavior in my pet?

A change in behavior in an animal can mean many different things, each which should be evaluated by a veterinarian. Behavior changes may indicate a painful condition, or even a disease state. If your dog or cat exhibits a change in their behavior, please call Sartin Animal Car Clinic to have your pet evaluated today.

What should I do if I notice visible parasites on my pet?

If you observe visible parasites on your pet, you should separate them immediately from their human family members. Sartin Animal Care Clinic has the latest medications for external and internal parasites readily available for your pet. If you notice visible parasite on your pet, please isolate them, and call to schedule an appointment with Sartin Animal Care Clinic as soon as possible.

What if my pet has an after-hours emergency?

At Sartin Animal Care Clinic, we understand that not all pet issues occur during business hours. This is why we are proud to handle our own emergencies. If you pet has an emergency after-hours, please call our clinic at 501-362-5556. If you do not receive an immediate response, please call the Animal Emergency Clinic-Maumelle at 501-224-3784, or After Hours Animal Hospital-Sherwood at 866-955-0911.

At what age should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

At Sartin Animal Care Clinic, Dr. Ryan Sartin recommends all pets not considered for breeding purposes be spayed or neutered at approximately six months of age. These procedures are the equivalent of a human ovarian hysterectomy or a complete removal of the testes. Therefore, pain medication and pre-anesthetic blood work are recommended prior to these procedures. Please call Sartin Animal Care Clinic to schedule your pets spay or neuter today.

What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

Heartworms are a parasite that is transmitted from an infected animal to another pet. Both dogs and cats can become infected by heartworms, therefore it is imperative that you make an appointment with Sartin Animal Care Clinic to have a proper preventative prescribed for your pet.

When is pain management recommended for pets?

Pets feel pain in much the same way as people feel painful conditions. Dr. Ryan Sartin strongly recommends pain preventative medication prior to any surgical procedure, as well as certain age-related conditions such as osteoarthritis. If you feel your pet may be in pain, please call Sartin Animal Care Clinic to schedule an appointment for your pet today.

What financing options does Sartin Animal Care Clinic offer?

At Sartin Animal Care Clinic, we understand that not all pet expenses have been budgeted. Therefore, we are pleased to offer Care Credit, which can often offset the initial expense of pet health care. Sartin Animal is pleased to also accept all major credit cards except American Express, cash, and check.