Nutritional Counseling

Approximately half of all domestic pets are considered overweight or obese. This is not surprising in today’s world of large portions, minimal exercise and not to mention the selection of tasty treats at the pet store! Sartin Animal Care Clinic’s staff is dedicated to keeping their client’s quality of life at a high standard. Proper portion control and adequate exercise are usually all that is needed to keep your pet trim and slim. Your dog may love to sit on the recliner with you, but they also love to walk with you outside or play fetch with you! If your pet is carrying a few extra pounds, let our staff educate you on proper foods, portions and exercises.

Some animals suffer from food allergies, which can cause skin rash, diarrhea, upset stomach and in severe cases, even death. Dr. Sartin recommends that pets only eat food formulated for animals and treats made specifically for animals. Table food can be dangerous to your pet. Besides chocolate being dangerous to dogs there are several other types of foods that are not good: grapes, candy, cooked bones, fruit seeds, and artificial sweetener.

Sartin Animal Care Clinic carries a variety of food products within their clinic. We have foods to address allergies, weight loss, senior bone regrowth, puppy food and treats that can clean breath, used as training tools and supplemental treats.