In-Clinic Diagnostics

Sartin Animal Care Clinic is pleased to offer your pet in-clinic diagnostic blood work capabilities. Our hospital's latest analyzers allow us to determine if your pet has an issue with its organs or blood in less than twenty minutes! Often your pets come when you have noticed that they simply aren't feeling their usual playful selves. With a small amount of blood drawn from your pet by a veterinarian or veterinary technician, we place the blood in our state-of-the art analyzers and have results while you wait! This means you may not have to come back with your pet the next day for additional procedures. Our diagnostics can help us determine if you pet has organ issues or an underlying problem with the blood by running a complete blood count (CBC). Dr. Sartin can also identify any kidney and liver abnormalities by running different tests on your pet’s blood. skin scrape and cytologies are also done within our clinic to identify parasites, fungal infections and tumor identifications.